What secondary antibodies should I use with your NullFc antibodies?

Our human NullFc and mouse NullFc antibodies should be fully compatible with any traditional secondary antibodies. So, use an anti-human secondary with human NullFc and an anti-mouse secondary with mouse NullFc. If you have any problems or further questions, please contact us.

Is it possible to get larger amounts of one of your products, and is there a bulk quantity discount?

Absolutely. We can fulfill larger custom amounts likely with a significant discount. Please contact us with your request and we’ll get right back to you.

I just successfully used one of your antibodies for a new application not included in that product’s list of applications. Would you be interested in that data, and if you use it, is there any reward?

Yes, and yes! If you have used one of our products in a new type of experiment that we have not advertised, we would be very interested in hearing about this. And if possible, we would like to use your data (it can be blinded to keep your privileged information private). Let us know and if we use your data to expand the applications for that product, you will be rewarded with a free product of your choice!

Do you know the extent of biotinylation of your products that are site-specifically biotinylated?

Yes, we assay all of our production biotinylated lots using a streptavidin gel-shift assay to determine extent of biotinylation. These results always show the extent of product that is biotinylated as over 95%, and most typically greater than 99% biotinylated. This includes products that contain just a single biotin per molecule.

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