Anti-human TIGIT Recombinant Antibody

This TIGIT recombinant antibody is cross-reactive with human, non-human primate, and mouse TIGIT. So you can use the same antibody in both your mouse and human studies.

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  • #201501 – Rabbit IgG, kappa – 50 µg – $49
  • #201503 – Mouse IgG2a, kappa NullFc™ – 50 µg – $49
  • #201502 – Biotinylated Rabbit Fab – 50 µg – $79


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Clone TG12-1
Discovery Method Rabbits were immunized with HEK293 cells expressing human TIGIT, and antigen-positive B cells were single-cell sorted. The variable domain sequences were cloned, sequenced, and subcloned into expression vectors containing the various species and isotype constant domains
Available Formats Rabbit IgG/kappa; Mouse IgG2a/kappa with NullFc™ (compatible with traditional anti-mouse secondary reagents); Biotinylated rabbit Fab with a single defined biotin and His-tag at the C-terminus of the heavy chain
Host Species Rabbit
Immunogen Human TIGIT (accession NM_173799) recombinantly expressed on HEK293 cells
Verified Reactivity Human, cynomolgus monkey (Macaca fascicularis), mouse
Verified Applications Flow Cytometry
Concentration 0.5 mg/ml
Production Transient transfection expression system in mammalian HEK293 cells
Purification Protein A affinity chromatography (MAb), Immobilized metal ion chromatography (Fab)
Formulation PBS pH 7.2 with 0.08% sodium azide
Storage 4° C for up to 3 months, for longer storage aliquot and store at -20° C
Target TIGIT
Alternate Names VSIG9, VSTM3
Target Description TIGIT (T-cell immunoreceptor with immunoglobulin and ITIM domains) is expressed on a subset of T cells (cytotoxic, memory and Tregs as well as NK cells. TIGIT binds to CD155 (PVR) and with lower affinity to CD112 (PVRL2). TIGIT binding results in increased secretion of IL10 and decreased secretion of IL12B and also causes the suppression of T-cell activation by promoting the generation of mature immunoregulatory dendritic cells.
Uniprot Q495A1



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